Making It Rain – Exploring Particle Systems

I’ve been doing some online courses in 3D Studio Max at (which I highly recommend). I just finished nine hours of training and learned some new 3D skills, among them, particle systems.

This 30-second video is my first attempt to use a particle system in 3DS Max. A particle system is a feature in 3DS Max that is used to create and animate a large number of particles. It can be used to simulate rain, snow, fire, dust particles, streams of water, explosions, and many other effects. In this sequence I am simulating a rainstorm at night, using a simple industrial set.

I also used the 3DS Max “Scatter” modifier to create grass. This is a 3DS Max function where you can create one object,such as a clump of grass, and then tell the program to scatter many copies of that object over a surface area. It’s a fast way to create many objects on a surface such as rocks, leaves, plants, or any other object you make.


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