Making 3D resources available

Grunge concrete textures for saleI’ve recently started offering some of my 3D resources on I spend a lot of time creating 3D textures and models, so I’m going to start offering some of these to other artists. Quite often 3D artists, particularly production artists, need a complex texture or model for their project but don’t have time to make it themselves – so they buy what they need from a 3D site. Example: they need to show a car in their scene but don’t have time to build the model themselves, so they find one online that they can buy. It’s like stock photos, they buy the model or texture they need and download it.

3D ground textures for is one of the largest and oldest companies on the Internet offering resources to 3D artists, and is one of the most well-known and trusted names in the industry.

I’ve got two texture packages up now and will be adding more. You can find them here.

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