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Making 3D resources available

I’ve recently started offering some of my 3D resources on I spend a lot of time creating 3D textures and models, so I’m going to start offering some of these to other artists. Quite often 3D artists, particularly production artists, need a complex texture or model for their project but don’t have time to […]

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How to Model Plants in 3DS Max

As part of a 3D scene I am currently working on, I wanted to add some plants.  Modeling plants in 3D is an interesting proposition. Obviously, trying to individually model every leaf would be an impossible task, and would make the model far too complex and difficult to render. But just inserting a flat “plant” […]

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Making a Waterfall in 3DS Max

I like to set myself up with a problem or challenge when I’m learning something. For a 3D scene I’m currently working on I wanted to add a waterfall. Sounds simple, but I wanted it to be animated, to really look like water was moving through a channel, over the edge, and then plunging down. […]

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Making It Rain – Exploring Particle Systems

I’ve been doing some online courses in 3D Studio Max at (which I highly recommend). I just finished nine hours of training and learned some new 3D skills, among them, particle systems. This 30-second video is my first attempt to use a particle system in 3DS Max. A particle system is a feature in […]

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The Story Behind Google Earth’s New 3D Cities

I am really impressed with the new 3D imagery on Google Earth. If you haven’t seen it, take a look at cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rome, Portland, Seattle, Avignon, Munich and many more. I got to wondering how on (Google) earth they were doing this. There is no way that someone was sitting […]

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My Love Affair with 3D – How it All Began

My fascination with 3D started when I was about ten years old. My parents bought “us kids” a Tru-Vue stereoscopic viewer. If memory serves (which it occasionally does), it was this one (at right), a model number 502. It was the kind that had no internal illumination, you had to hold it up to the […]

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Bump Maps

One of my favorite 3D tools is called “bump mapping.” It’s a way of adding a lot of detail to an object without altering its basic geometry.  Let’s take a common object in a 3D scene, a brick wall. One would normally create a brick wall by creating a rectangular, wall-shaped object and then mapping […]

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