3D modeling and animation in Portland, Oregon

Architectural Model, overviewArchitectural Model, stained glassArchitectural Model, fireplaceRock Drilling Hammer Cut-awayUrban Garage ModelDystopian Environment (detail)Inverter ModelElephant Sculpture ModelRockmore Trade Show BoothInverter Model (detail)Fantasy Temple - Door DetailFantasy Temple ModelDystopian Urban Environment ModelDystopian Urban Environment ModelRobot Character ModelUrban EnvironmentFantasy Temple Model (Untextured)Architectural ModelFantasy Temple Model

Architectural Models, Technical and Medical Models, Environments, Video Animations

Why 3D? Many of us are involved in the business of creating and selling ideas, and that means being able to show those ideas to potential customers, clients, or investors. 3D modeling technology makes that visualization process faster and easier than ever before.

3D modeling and animation can bring your ideas to life. If you can imagine it, we can create a 3D model, whether it’s a new product idea, a new invention, an architectural concept, or a fictional world.  Photo-real 3D models and animation make for a powerful presentation.
The perfect solution for product design, packaging design, display presentations, architectural presentations, engineering visuals, new inventions, industrial CAD models, training videos, technical presentations, 3D illustration, logo animation, and more.

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